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Thomas Raft

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I share the same passion for both acting and writing, which brings me into another world. Acting and writing is not easy, one has to put one´s heart and soul into it. Let the passion for acting and writing be the connecting link to life..
Member of Equity

Latest news


Nearly finish with my feature film script The Family. My production designer Sanna Choe Lund will finish the storyboard around June. Maia Morgenstern (Passion Of the Christ), Jeremy Irons, and Anthony Hopkins will be the first we will contact regarding reading THE FAMILY. Making flyer regarding The Family for Cannes Film Festival 2008.


Working on the 3. draft of my short film FROM HERE TO HEAVEN. I will be ready for shooting in 2009.

composer Thomas Derenzo

In collaboration with composer Thomas DeRenzo from New York regarding the music to my feature film script The Family.

Marketing strategy

In 2008 I will hold a talk for other actors in marketing strategy, strength, courage as an actor.

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